“Baby Shaker” App Pulled

A Billion Apps Served

Back in January of this year, I called for Apple to develop an app quality assurance program.

“What Apple needs to do is offer its own gold seal of assurance. Simply being on the App Store should be a signal to the consumer that the app has been reviewed and found to be of quality (will add to the function, entertainment, and general knowledge of the consumer).  Currently, the App Store seems to be operated on a quantity over quality mentality.”

Today, I came across an article on a Yahoo Tech Blog that talks about the recently pulled “Baby Shaker” app. Baby Shaker allows the user to shake their iDevice in an attempt to quiet a screaming baby. Guardian.co.uk and MSNBC have videos and a corresponding articles relating to this “controversy”.

At first glance this app appears to be harmless. A drawing of a baby cries, you shake your iDevice, red x’s appear over the baby’s eyes (signifying death to those unfamiliar with basic cartoon protocol). So what is the big deal? Shaken Baby Syndrome anyone? This situation launches one into questioning digital entertainment as a whole. What about apps/ games that allow the user to simulate murder? Why is it that we get angry about virtually shaking an infant to death and yet have no problem blowing away countless humans across other apps/games?

The discovery and removal of Baby Shaker is but a small demonstration of Apple’s need to be more diligent in reviewing incoming apps. I am not calling on Apple to become the parent or even moral police of the App Store, but I am calling on Apple to show good taste.

Good taste = allowing apps that do not embarrass nor taint the Apple brand.

– The Pacific Commander


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