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Welcome to the first edition of The Silo, Cold War Fruit’s section dedicated to apps that are still in need of several launch preparations before truly flying. Here you will find editor thoughts/ comments on apps that are in the process of being reviewed. Simple. Sweet. Explosive!

This week we will be taking a look at Cozy Quest (link will open iTunes).

Watch out for the Fizzlegoat!

Watch out for the Fozzlegoat!

–   Cozy Quest   –   Version 1.0.15   –   9.9MB  –

As with most apps in the App Store, I had a Cold War Informant clue me in as to the existence of this MMORPG. Ignoring the purchase price of $4.99, I quickly downloaded Cozy Quest to my iPod Touch. After picking a race (Mekkel) and character class (mage), I began to explore the Fair City of Felrona.


The City of Felrona acts as an opening hub city to the rest of the game world. Different town facilities feature quests that open up as the player levels his character.

Town Facilities

Players must level to level 10 before continuing on to the next city of Alvin's Cove.

Players must level to level 10 in order to continue traveling to the next city, Alvin's Cove.

In my travels thus far (level 4), I have noticed the following:

  • 1. Currently there is only one character slot. This forces players to delete their single character and start over. This poses a problem when hours upon hours have been invested into the single character. Multiple character slots would allow players the ability to try out different races/character classes without penalty of deleting a leveled character.
  • 2. In order to level, quests have to be repeated multiple times. This repetition of quests gets old by the time you’ve clicked through the same quest for the 20th time. While Cold War Fruit realizes that Cozy Quest is still being added to daily, new lower level quests are needed to lure newer players into the lands of Eluna.
  • 3. The Cozy Quest website advertises “Loot! Lots of shiny strange loot…” I have yet to see in my travels “lots” of loot. In the 20 times I have clicked through one of the more advanced quests, I have received perhaps three pieces of loot (two were of the same type). As noted above, more loot is needed in the lower levels.

In its current state, purchasing Cozy Quest is like signing up for an app beta test. With content being added to the game daily, I do not see this beta environment as a problem. The core game is in tact and running smoothly. The quests are interesting and well thought out. Cozy Quest is an investment at this point. Before purchasing, you need to ask yourself this question: 1) Are you willing to invest $4.99, in developer Nils Munch, to see if he can realize his creative vision? According to the website, Nils recently quit his daytime job to dedicate his time to developing Cozy Quest.

19. May – A big step for CozyKind…
These have been some pretty stressful days, and I realised that if this game was to be something big, I would have to spend more than just a hour here and there in my spare time.     That is why i quit my daytime job yesterday, and im feeling both relaxed and liberated.
Also, we have a new person joining our crew. His name is Znus (pronounced snooze) and he will take care of quest approval, community support and stuff like that. I hope that in the next few days will feel a significant difference, because we are now putting the pedal to the metal… or the cleaver to the skalekin if you like.

Cold War Fruit will continue to follow Cozy Quest and its development. You can check back here for the latest on Cozy Quest.

*Cold War Fruit realizes that many of the apps found in this section are works in progress. Our comments are meant to be taken as constructive criticism and mere suggestion.


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