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Podcast Spotlight: A Life Well Wasted

Posted in Podcast Spotlight with tags , , , on March 23, 2009 by Bryan

Editors Note: Every once in a nuclear winter, Cold War Fruit will be spotlighting one of the unique podcasts offered on iTunes. Genres will vary as personal tastes do.

NES Controller

Not too long ago, I listened to Robert Ashley’s first A Life Well Wasted (link will open iTunes) podcast on The Death of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly). The episode meanders through the thoughts and feelings of those that had been apart of EGM magazine through the years. Focusing on people, Robert Ashley’s first episode stands as a eulogy to a now defunct magazine. Fast forward a few months…

Episode 2, Gotta Catch’em All, repeats the human connection found in the first episode of A Life Well Wasted. Ashley expertly focuses on the people who love games and not necessarily the games themselves. Games, so far, have been a secondary focus on A Life Well Wasted. I think that this concept is fantastic.

I have always said that there is more to life than just videogames. A Life Well Wasted testifies to this. I encourage everyone to check this podcast out. Definitly worth listening to whether you enjoy videogames or not.

– The Pacific Commander

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