Mission Accomplished: Billion Apps Served on the App Store

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A Billion Apps Served

“Thanks a billion. Over 1 billion downloads in just nine months. Only on the App Store.”


“Baby Shaker” App Pulled

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A Billion Apps Served

Back in January of this year, I called for Apple to develop an app quality assurance program.

“What Apple needs to do is offer its own gold seal of assurance. Simply being on the App Store should be a signal to the consumer that the app has been reviewed and found to be of quality (will add to the function, entertainment, and general knowledge of the consumer).  Currently, the App Store seems to be operated on a quantity over quality mentality.”

Today, I came across an article on a Yahoo Tech Blog that talks about the recently pulled “Baby Shaker” app. Baby Shaker allows the user to shake their iDevice in an attempt to quiet a screaming baby. Guardian.co.uk and MSNBC have videos and a corresponding articles relating to this “controversy”.

At first glance this app appears to be harmless. A drawing of a baby cries, you shake your iDevice, red x’s appear over the baby’s eyes (signifying death to those unfamiliar with basic cartoon protocol). So what is the big deal? Shaken Baby Syndrome anyone? This situation launches one into questioning digital entertainment as a whole. What about apps/ games that allow the user to simulate murder? Why is it that we get angry about virtually shaking an infant to death and yet have no problem blowing away countless humans across other apps/games?

The discovery and removal of Baby Shaker is but a small demonstration of Apple’s need to be more diligent in reviewing incoming apps. I am not calling on Apple to become the parent or even moral police of the App Store, but I am calling on Apple to show good taste.

Good taste = allowing apps that do not embarrass nor taint the Apple brand.

– The Pacific Commander

Review: The Creeps!

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The Creeps!

“I always feel like

Somebody’s watchin’ me…”

-Rockwell, Somebody’s Watching Me

Press Start:

As a child, bedtime always seemed to send a signal for my imagination to go into overdrive. With the lights turned off in my room, I remember the world suddenly becoming a very scary place.  Normal shadows and sounds quickly became monsters preying and lurking within the darkness. Super Squawk Software’s,  The Creeps, demonstrates that our imaginations did not lie. For indeed there were monsters trying to get to us; monsters even our parents could not help combat until now. The Creeps! is an imaginative tower defense app that allows players to protect an innocent child from the horrors of the night. Do you dare to combat the human imagination at its worst?

Ideology/ Worldview:

Monsters are real. No joke.


Interaction/ Gameplay:

Boomerangs, glue, and laser turrets are but a few of the tower choices at your disposal against the creeps.  Strategic placement as well as tower choice determine the outcome of the battle.

In the End:

The Creeps! (link will open iTunes) is a fantastic addition to the App Store that revels in its unique art direction and imaginative game design. Priced at $2.99, The Creeps! deserves a spot on the iDevice in your life.

Review Score:

DEFCON 5 – Just buy it already

Wolfenstein 3D Classic!

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Just came across this article over on Kotaku. Seems that id Software has released Wolfenstein 3D Classic (link will open iTunes)  for the iDevice in your life. Priced at $4.99, this game looks amazing!

Also, one of our readers just  sent in an interesting link to an article over on joystiq.com that details creator John Carmack’s thoughts on developing for the iPhone. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“The developers came back and said it would take two months and exceed their budget.

Rather than having a big confrontation over the issue, I told them to just send the project to me and I would do it myself. Cass Everitt had been
doing some personal work on the iPhone, so he helped me get everything set up for local iPhone development here, which is a lot more tortuous
than you would expect from an Apple product. As usual, my off the cuff estimate of “Two days!” was optimistic, but I did get it done in four, and
the game is definitely more pleasant at 8x the frame rate. And I had fun doing it.”

Developer Spotlight: MikaMobile

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MikaMobile, developer of the cartoony zombie shooter Zombieville USA (link opens iTunes), sits in the Cold War Fruit spotlight this week. Be sure to check out:

Let us know what you think of the app. Drop a comment below!

Oregon Trail: Journal II

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Buffalo Killer!

Ever wonder who was responsible for wiping out the buffalo?

The trail towards Oregon and frontier life continues. My party has suffered no losses so far…which has made the game a tad boring.

The Oregon Trail of my youth was all about naming party members after people I didn’t like. One by one I would watch as people I disliked died from historic illnesses and maladies. Perhaps a tragedy awaits around the next bend? Never know when a giant hawk might swoop down and take someone…

Photographic evidence and documentation shall continue. Stay tuned!

iPhone App Reviewer Sought!

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Think you have what it takes to stand at the brink of App Store reviews? If so, Cold War Fruit is looking for a writer to help further explore the iPhone side of the Cold War.

Interested? Comment below!