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Hero of Sparta: Journal I

Posted in Journal with tags , , , on May 20, 2009 by Bryan


One of the very first apps I ever downloaded from the App Store, for my iPod Touch, was Hero of Sparta (link opens iTunes). I only played the game a few times before discarding it in an attempt to find another app fix. Now there is nothing wrong with Hero of Sparta. The gameplay, controls, and sound are all top notch for an iDevice title. I just often find myself experiencing App Store ADD as I search for the next best app. So, in an attempt to actually finish an iDevice game (besides Oregon Trail), I am dedicating my iPod Touch gaming time to Hero of Sparta. So far I have conquered:

– Hero of Sparta levels –

Oracle’s Island – Completed

The Keeper – Completed

Steam Rock – Completed

Garden City – Completed

Descent – In progress

Atlantis – Incomplete

Hound’s Lair – Incomplete

Underworld -Incomplete

Furthermore, I have made myself a new rule: “No new apps until Hero of Sparta has been conquered.” What do you think? Do you find yourself buying apps but never completing/ using them after the initial download?

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